About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I'm glad to have this opportunity to introduce myself and share my credentials and some information about my practice. Being an anesthesiologist, I usually see most of my patients for the first time in preoperative area while they are getting ready to have surgery, and I know this can be a very stressful experience.


I have always wanted to help people, and that desire led me to become a physician. After I finished medical school in Tehran I started to work as a general practitioner. In 2002 I left Iran to join my family in California, and got a volunteer research position USC. I then realized how critical the field of anesthesia is. I liked its challenges and versatility of operations, and I chose to become an anesthesiologist. I finished my anesthesia residency in New York. In 2009 I came back to USC and started a pediatric anesthesiologist fellowship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In July 2010 I joined USC/Children’s Hospital as assistant professor of clinical anesthesiology, and in 2013 I joined Kaiser Permanente. I feel fortunate to be able to work at Kaiser Permanente because of my wonderful colleagues and our members.

About my practice

Medicine as a career is a very special opportunity to connect and help people in a meaningful way, utilizing medical skills and knowledge, but also listening and responding to what patients need. I try to keep myself up to date to meet the challenges that this field requires but above that I emphasize on my communication skills with my patients and being part of a professional team. I feel honored that patients have entrusted me with their care and strive to treat them as I would my own family.

How I thrive

I firmly believe in Kaiser Permanente's philosophy of health in body, mind, and spirit, and try to live it in my life every day. My family life is my major priority. My wife and I enjoy going to theatre and having popcorn together! We have a circle of friends and two lovely dogs. I routinely exercise, watch my diet, set aside time to just relax and keep balance in my life. I have special interest in volunteer medical missions as well. My last trip was in 2014 with my wife, we went to Mexicali with a group of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and nurse anesthetists and we did successful operations mostly for kids.