About Me

I grew up in the Denver area and left after high school to study biology and Spanish literature at Brandeis University near Boston. After college, I wanted to give back to the community and joined Teach For America, where I taught science in the Houston Public Schools. My grandfather was a family practice physician, and his example inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. I attended Baylor College of Medicine and discovered the joy of pediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital, where I went on to complete my residency. I met and married my wife while still a medical student. We were delighted to move back to Colorado with three children after residency, and have subsequently added a fourth child to our family. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, I worked in pediatric emergency and urgent care. This provided me with invaluable experience in managing acutely ill and injured children. However, when the opportunity presented itself to practice outpatient pediatrics through Kaiser Permanente, I opted for this path believing in the value of longitudinal patient care and forging long-term relationships with patients and their families. I am certified as a Spanish-speaking provider.

About my practice

I treat my patients and their families the same way I would like my own children and family to be treated. I am a believer in preventive medicine and wellness. In pediatrics, some of the top preventive issues are supporting breastfeeding/healthy diets, immunizations to protect against dangerous illnesses, safety, and avoidance of secondhand smoke exposure. I take my responsibility as a pediatrician seriously, and strive to keep up with the medical literature and advances in medical science. I believe in practicing sound, evidence-based medicine. I take a collaborative approach to my patients and their families. Open, clear communication is essential. I pride myself on being honest and direct with patients and family members, while always listening to their questions and concerns. I welcome Spanish-speaking patients into my practice.

How I thrive

I enjoy being outdoors, especially hiking, mountain climbing and bicycling. I try to practice what I preach in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love being a husband and father to our four children, and we enjoy close relationships. I have a spiritual outlook on life, and am involved on a regular basis with prayer and study through our synagogue community.