About Me

I grew up in Denver. Even though I did my training back east, I returned to Colorado because of the friendly people and beautiful outdoors. The most rewarding parts of my practice are the interesting people I meet and their stories, as well as the constant intellectual challenge the practice of infectious diseases provides.

About my practice

I chose the specialty of infectious diseases because it always presents new challenges, since infections and the organisms that cause them are always changing. I treat adult patients with all types of serious infections, including hospitalized patients and returning travelers. I believe that the practice of medicine is a collaborative effort between physician and patient, and that a successful outcome requires both physician and patient doing their parts, so I always try to involve my patients in the decision-making process as much as possible. We have an extensive home IV antibiotic program that allows patients to complete their treatment in the comfort of their home. I also treat patients with HIV, and work together with our case manager and pharmacist to provide great care. I try to communicate with my patients by whichever method is most convenient for them, including email if preferred.

How I thrive

My family and I enjoy the outdoor activities that Colorado provides, including hiking and skiing. We also like to travel. I enjoy reading spy novels.