About Me

I am a native Oregonian, raised in east Multnomah county. I consider myself blessed to live in the Northwest, with all it's natural beauty. I enjoy gardening, cooking, quilting and multiple outdoor activities. My most important priority in life is my family. I developed a interest in practicing nursing during high school and finished my undergraduate education in 1979. There are many reason why I choose nursing, but most important is the interconnected relationship with patients as they face the ongoing challenges with their health. I believe it is my privilege to be with them through there experience. .

About my practice

I received my advanced practice nursing education at the University of Portland. It is a privilege to practice at Kaiser Permanente where my philosophy of practice is supportive by utilization of evidence base practice and integration of all health care disciplines, which result in excellent care delivery and service to our members. My advanced nurse practitioner education specialized in adult care, which has allowed me to focus on the population that I enjoy serving the most, our frail geriatric members. Serving this population prompted my interested in advance wound care, where I completed a post graduate certification from the University of Washington.

How I thrive

Like most everyone, I struggle to find the balance in life. I thrive by being sure I take time to re-center myself and by making to be quiet my busy mind, collect my thoughts, so I can draw insight from the ongoing events that life offers. My energy is restored from the love and wonderful time I share with my family. Furthermore, as a Grandmother, is their any better experience in life to restore a joyful spirit?