About Me

Hi, my nickname is Terri. I am happy to share with you my credentials and other information about myself.


I've always wanted to be a physician ever since that "when I grow up" stage in grade school. After, I never had a change of heart/mind. After completing medical school in Manila, Philippines, I came to the United States for further training. I chose the field of anesthesia because I get to take care of all kinds of patients, from newborns to geriatric patients, and I’m not limited to one organ or system. For me, it combines applied anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and other basic sciences.

About my practice

The thought of having surgery is a very scary moment for a patient or for the parents of a young child. I am happy that I can help patients go through their needed procedures. Anesthesia practice is a stressful field, but it is very fulfilling to see a patient satisfied with my care.

How I thrive

My life is not all work! I love to travel and see the beauty of nature. I also love to dance. Relaxing for me means listening to classical music and meditation.