About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am very happy to have the opportunity to help you get better if you are sick.


My interests include occupational (work-related) injuries and illnesses, environmental effects on health, and sports medicine. Every patient is different and reacts to injury or illness in unique ways. My treatment philosophy is based on the fact that good and appropriate early treatment of a lot of injuries can prevent a lot of long-term problems. I do my best to communicate effectively with patients in language that is understandable.

About my practice

Having a work injury, especially if it's your first time, can be bewildering and confusing. My department has a team that helps members negotiate the difficult process of worker's compensation. In addition to my nurse, I have claims processors and case managers who help in communicating with carriers to get members the care and treatment they need. As a primary care physician and internist, I realize the importance of taking context into account. I think it is the role of the physician to place things into the correct context for the patient so that the best decisions can be made. I also enjoy assisting my patients in becoming self-reliant and learning self-management of their conditions if the condition has become chronic.

How I thrive

Being an occupational physician, I appreciate the role stress plays in many people's lives. I try to minimize stress as much as possible in my professional and personal life. I also enjoy reading, exercise (tennis), and travel.