About Me

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised on the gorgeous windward side of the island of Oahu. I am also a proud graduate of Kailua High School.

About my practice

At first I was unsure of what specialty to pursue. I never thought I would become an obstetrician/gynecologist physician because of the late-night hours and unpredictability of labor, but after my first experience of delivering a baby, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. The birth of a child is such a significant and life changing event that I was drawn to this field immediately. As a physician within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I feel grateful and humbled for the opportunities I have received. I am fortunate to work in multiple facets of medicine such as in the clinics, performing surgery and delivering babies. I also embrace the flexibility when I’m not on call to spend time with friends and family. I feel that it is important for people to be healthy and learn to care for themselves. Playing the role of educator, I strive to teach my patients about their medical conditions and what kinds of treatment they need. I find that talking to my patients about their lives, families and hobbies helps me relate to them and better provide care.

How I thrive

I exercise whenever I get the chance and make it a point to watch my diet. I am an avid sports fan and love playing sports just as much as watching. Golfing and skiing are my two favorite pastimes but I also enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.