About Me

My family has lived in the Portland area for 25 years, and I find that the active and health-aware population here is a pleasure to work with. Every specialty tackles health problems, but we in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department also have an interest in improving quality of life for our many members who are perfectly healthy—and the importance of this becomes more evident to me every year. I enjoy serving as a clinical instructor for Oregon Health & Science University—it's a way of giving back to the profession that has given me so much personal and emotional satisfaction over the years.

About my practice

With my decades of experience I am comfortable designing personalized treatment and follow-up plans that take into account specific personal details and information, for those who seek it. Ultimately, it all starts with doctor-patient communication, so listening is the skill I use most frequently. Communicating the nuances and details of complex situations and reviewing all options is important to my practice, and those seeking such discussion are frequently pleased with the interaction. However, to be honest, patients who already know what they want and who would find a review of their case to be redundant and unnecessary can be put off and likely would do better with another provider. Medicine has moved towards minimally invasive procedures, and I am part of a subgroup within our department who has elected to take on these technically challenging procedures.

How I thrive

As an avid tennis player and budding squash player, gardener, and "foodie," I stay active and well fed. Of course, it isn't all about activity—working on my tan also helps me recharge my batteries and keep my energy level up. Finally, raising kids is a very time-consuming and extremely rewarding endeavor. Right now we are adjusting to an empty nest, with variable success.