About Me

Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, I completed my college education at the University of Virginia, my medical education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and my pediatric residency training at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. I have always valued outdoor physical activities and have been extremely grateful to live in Colorado for the past 20 years where I enjoy jogging, hiking, biking and skiing. Now that my son is in elementary school, I am happy to support his interest in some of the same activities and share quality time together to provide a path to better health and fitness for both of us. I have become very interested in using information technology (computers and web tools) to enhance the quality and convenience of health for our members and enjoy working to improve these resources.

About my practice

I decided to become a physician while attending high school and I have never regretted the decision. I enjoy working with children and their families using a partnership approach. As a parent I have great empathy and respect for how challenging it is to be a parent. Though I have a broad interest in general pediatrics and enjoy all age groups (teens included!), I have particular interest in helping children with allergy and asthma problems. I truly enjoy developing close, long-lasting relationships with the children and their families in my practice.

How I thrive

I enjoy outdoor activities as ways to nourish my body and spirit. I love hiking with my dogs and enjoy mountain biking and skiing. I also try to practice mindfulness on a daily basis to stay centered and calm in the face of everyday stresses.