About Me

I grew up in southeast Texas. Training brought me to Colorado and I have been here ever since. I find the practice of medicine most rewarding in the ways that it allows me to interact with people as individuals. I strive to get to know patients as more than just their surgical problems and see them as human beings. Surgery has the amazing ability to alleviate pain and at times save lives. However, this is only part of the interaction that makes the doctor-patient relationship so important. I want to help my patients know and understand each step in the process so that they can take an active role in their care and have the information they need to make decisions that are optimized to their unique situation.

About my practice

I care for a wide variety of surgical diseases. I have a particular interest in the surgical treatment of cancer, abdominal wall reconstruction and optimizing outcomes in emergent surgical care. Surgery often plays a critical role in curing cancer and I enjoy the opportunity to help patients through this process. Our cancer care team provides a multidisciplinary approach to tailor the treatment plan to each patient and their specific needs. I strive to provide each patient with the information they need so that they can make decisions, understand each step in the process and know what to expect from their surgery and the recovery process. Abdominal wall reconstruction has a wide range of complexity from small umbilical hernias to complex repairs. Each type of hernia is different and can have various surgical approaches. My goal is to help patients understand their hernia and optimize their individual surgical risk. I work to help them return to an active lifestyle without the limiting pain and discomfort of their hernia.

How I thrive

When not caring for patients, I enjoy reading, spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors.