About Me

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and was fortunate to have parents who were active in the outdoors and have continued to enjoy the outdoors; be it fly fishing in the summer or skiing in the winter. Since college I have seen medicine as a career which has allowed me to not only help those in their times of need but to express my analytical and creative sides. Though I have lived in the midwest for the majority of my life, I have always been drawn to the west coast and am happy to be here.

About my practice

I find that given the broad spectrum of gastroenterological diseases and symptoms, each member needs to be evaluated as an individual. Assistance may be as small as taking the time to evaluate how diet affects patient symptoms; or evaluate complicated procedures with need for imaging. In addition to the management of general gastroenterology complaints, I have trained in evaluation and management of esophageal diseases, including motility issues and reflux.

How I thrive

Free time is exactly that, time to do something which is completely for you or your loved ones without worrying about anything else. The trick is finding a way to turn daily tasks into enjoyable time, such as turning cooking dinner into time with friends and family or walking the dog in an area you haven't explored before to see a whole new area of the city you live in.