About Me

I graduated with a PsyD degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. I am passionate about integrating medical with mental health care to provide patients the opportunity to live the best life possible.

About my practice

A behavior medicine specialist (BMS) is a licensed psychologist or clinical social worker who works in the medical office building alongside primary care physicians to support your total health. This model of care allows primary care and behavioral health providers to work hand-in-hand as a team to care for you. If you need specialty care, your behavior medicine specialist or primary care physician will discuss this with you and help you get connected to the services that are best for you. In general, a BMS can screen for mental health and substance use issues, provide short-term appointments to reduce symptoms which may be causing you distress and improve your daily functioning. They are also a great resource to connect you with appropriate services if you need more specialized services, and they will help to coordinate your care so your primary care team members and specialty care providers are working together to provide your care. In many cases, a few appointments is all that is required, but if longer-term services are needed, a BMS can assist with the connecting members with a specialist.

How I thrive

I enjoy riding my bike to work, doing Yoga, running, traveling, and spending time with both friends and family.