About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m first and foremost a people person. I feel very fortunate to have found a career that gives me so much happiness and also allows me to help people on a daily basis.


It’s been a long but rewarding road to becoming a doctor. My family is very supportive. My mother was a high school principal and just published her first book in 2014. My two sisters and father are computer programmers and they often wonder how I was driven to enter the field of medicine.

About my practice

I do surgical oncology—surgery for cancers. My team in the operating room consists of nurses, scrub technicians, anesthesiologists, and nurse anesthetists. I also have a supportive department with partners that operate with me, as well as support from plastic and other surgical departments when needed.

How I thrive

I’m a big proponent of healthy eating, and am a vegetarian myself. I run and play soccer with a recreational team for fun and to stay fit.