About Me

I have been a Kaiser Permanente physician for over 30 years. I practice pulmonary and critical care medicine. I love my job and have the pleasure of working with a truly outstanding group of physicians in my division.


I was born in Rochester, Minnesota. My grandfathers were both heads of their departments at the Mayo Clinic. My father, my uncles, and my two older brothers have also been affiliated with the Mayo Clinic. I grew up in Spokane, Washington. My three brothers and I all went to the University of Washington. My wife and I have raised five children (four sons and one daughter).

About my practice

It is very rewarding to serve our Kaiser Permanente members. Since my first day with this organization in 1977, I have actively sought to invite my patients' families and friends to join me for consultations. I sit down with them and outline my diagnosis and treatment plan. Each patient receives an after-visit summary to take home. This way I feel that each patient has a thorough understanding of the issues and the treatment plan. Every week I attend a conference where we discuss pulmonary management cases. And every year I attend the Mayo Clinic review course in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

How I thrive

My hobbies include learning Japanese, singing in a choir, helping to raise my children and grandchildren, reading, travel, and following college sports. I treasure close family relationships and friendships. I strive for a balance between work and relaxation. I believe there is a spiritual dimension to wholeness. Exercise, proper diet, and preventive health measures are important.