About Me

I was born and raised in Honolulu. As long as I can remember I've had this deep feeling of wanting to go into a profession that involves helping people on a daily basis. My desire to practice compassion toward my fellow human beings was at the heart of my decision to pursue the art of medicine and become a physician.

About my practice

During medical school, we had the opportunity to rotate through the major specialties. I loved general surgery and pediatrics, so when I had the chance to do an ENT, or otolaryngology, rotation, it was a perfect fit. I love kids and I love surgery. At Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG), our focus is on always providing the best care possible for our patients. It's important to put yourself in the place of your patients so you can better understand their worries, concerns, wishes, and hopes. I enjoy learning about my patients’ backgrounds and interests, and if they have children I like to find out how they're doing. At HPMG I really enjoy the collaborative and collegial atmosphere. I also feel fortunate that our physicians are encouraged to attend several continuing education conferences a year. To stay current, I'm constantly reading medical journals and participate in the biweekly audio-digest medical educational programs in my specialty. I'm board certified in otolaryngology, and a member of the Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

How I thrive

I think it's extremely important to maintain healthy relationships not only at work but more importantly at home with my wife and children. If they are thriving then it helps me to stay mentally and physically well. My outside interests include tennis, surfing, hiking, traveling, and pottery.