About Me

I was raised in metro Atlanta, but yet I am still amazed at the growth of this wonderful city. At an early age, I chose a career in medicine in order to provide a larger female presence in the field. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, and we have one beautiful daughter and a feisty Cocker Spaniel.

About my practice

My approach to patient care is a joint venture. I like to discuss the diagnosis and come up with a management plan together after sharing all options. This provides a better outcome for results and a better understanding of your own health care. I work in adult medicine, with emphasis in preventive care and women's health.

How I thrive

I feed my mental and physical health by speed walking with my family at least four days a week for an hour. During the walk, we are able to share our daily experiences and challenges. On the weekend, we go to the local parks for a change of scenery.