About Me

My name is Erin Shih, and I am a pediatric endocrinologist at Kaiser Permanente’s South Bay Medical Center, where I help children with a variety of conditions related to the hormone-producing glands in the body, including diabetes (pancreas), thyroid disorders (thyroid gland), growth issues (pituitary gland), and adrenal insufficiency (adrenal gland).


I've always loved helping people and working with children, and knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a pediatrician. I went to UC Davis as an undergraduate, and then attended Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona for medical school. After that, I did my pediatric residency at Kaiser Permanente’s Los Angeles Medical Center, and then completed a fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

About my practice

I believe in a teamwork approach and consider myself lucky to have an amazing support staff. I also feel that parents and family members are an important part of the team as well, and try to involve parents and families in patient care as much as possible.

How I thrive

I have 2 children and enjoy spending time with my family. I like traveling, going to summer concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, trying new restaurants, and staying active.