About Me

I was born in New Orleans and lived there until I went away to college at Emory University. I have many fond memories of my hometown including Mardi Gras parades, great food, fun people and its interesting history. I was also in New Orleans when Hurricane Betsy made a direct hit on the city in 1965 and flooded 164,000 homes. There were many proclamations about what would be done to prevent this kind of damage from occurring again. The rest is history! I enjoyed my college years in Atlanta at Emory University. I had my first opportunity then to see the spectacular color show of the leaves changing in North Georgia. This is still one of my favorite experiences every year. As an Emory student, I also met a wonderful young lady who became my wife. We have been married for more than 30 years. We have three children who are now young adults. Our oldest has graduated with a degree in civil engineering and our two younger children are still in college.

About my practice

I liked to fix things when I was a kid. If something was not broken, I would take it apart and put it back together. Later, I discovered an aptitude for the sciences and a surgical career seemed like a natural fit. It was just a matter of deciding on what type of surgery. One thing that drew me toward urology was that there seemed to be many things that we could really fix in this specialty. Seeing my patients do well is my greatest joy in practicing medicine. I practiced urology in Atlanta for 25 years before joining Kaiser Permanente. I served in many roles during this time, including years as a chief of my department. I joined Kaiser Permanente in August 2012 and am proud to have served as chief of urology here as well. I see fundamental changes occurring in the practice of medicine, and I think that the Kaiser Permanente model is the future of health care in this country. I am glad to be here, and I am enthusiastic about the next phase of my career. As part of the Kaiser Permanente team, we will strive to provide the most high-quality urological care possible.

How I thrive

Balance is the key to health and happiness for me. I prefer a diet with a balance of natural foods, and I like a balance of activities in my life. I try to exercise three times each week. Playing tennis gives me the opportunity to get great exercise while I think I am just having fun. At other times, I like to do some aerobic and strength training. I have served as a volunteer for Camp Kudzu for many years. My volunteer work there includes managing insulin therapy for kids with type 1 diabetes so they can have fun. I also designed many of the templates used for diabetes management at the camp. Time with family and friends is treasured. Sometimes I just like to relax by listening to music, especially jazz. A hike in the mountains to see a waterfall is part of a perfect day for me.