About Me

Hi, welcome to my Web site. I hope this is helpful in letting you get to know a little about me.


I was born, raised, and did all of my training in Southern California—college at UCLA, medical school at UC San Diego, and surgery residency training at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center. I love Southern California, both because I am a huge fan of warm weather and also because I cherish being close to my family. When home, I keep busy volunteering at the school of my twin daughters, and playing with my young son. When I get the chance, my favorite things to do are to go out to dinner with my husband, go to the movies, and visit the zoos, aquariums, parks, and amusement parks in my area.

About my practice

Over the years, my practice has become enriched by focusing on breast surgery, and taking advantage of the team approach of our multimodality breast specialists—dedicated breast radiologists, a breast nurse practitioner, a nurse oncology coordinator, physical therapists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and plastic reconstructive surgeons. I also continue to enjoy and practice other areas of surgery to treat skin cancer, hernias, and diseased thyroids, colons, and gallbladders.

How I thrive

Balancing my love of surgery, my commitment to my members, and my love for my family, is the most challenging part of my life. My members keep me grounded and remind me daily how special every life is. My children keep me laughing. My husband keeps me walking. Reading allows me a little escape now and again. Because of all that, I can stay balanced on the most important things in life for me—health, love, faith, and family.