About Me

I grew up in Georgia and Alabama. I trained to become a clinical social worker at Smith College in Northampton, Mass. I find being a therapist an endless source of intellectual stimulation combined with a level of personal intimacy, which I find very satisfying. I cannot think of other work that I would rather do every day. I enjoy working with people who are motivated to make changes in how they approach the difficulties they face. In my personal life, I enjoy parenting my two daughters and ballroom dancing.

About my practice

Currently, I work at the Glenlake Medical Center as a group therapist and a group educational therapist. In addition, I see a few members individually and admit new patients into the Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOT) program. The IOT program is for patients that have been referred from other centers because they need daily care. I try to find an individual's focus and goal for themselves, and I support them to make the changes they are ready to address at any given time.

How I thrive

I try to practice what I preach and devote some of each week to good nutrition, rest, exercise and hobbies. I enjoy reading, movies and ballroom dancing. Currently, much of my free time is spent driving my daughter to various sports events in which she is involved. My friends are important to me, and I try to find time to spend with each of them regularly.