About Me

Thanks for visiting my Web page. I'm happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you.


As a California native, I was born and raised in Long Beach. I graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from USC. While there, my interest and knowledge grew in how to treat sick patients with medications. After that, I went to Baylor College of Medicine, and there, while working with heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, I decided to become a cardiologist.

About my practice

The practice of cardiology is really a team effort. It starts with our receptionist, who may have you fill out a preliminary questionnaire of basic information prior to the visit. Our medical assistant will check your vital signs and ask more detailed questions. After your consultation with me, your new prescriptions will be electronically sent to the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy of your choice. Also on the team is a cardiology physician assistant. We have teams that help with lowering your cholesterol, managing your anticoagulation (if you need it), and managing heart failure problems. New technologies and new ways to practice cardiology are constantly being developed, and it is very exciting and rewarding for me to learn about them and use them to help patients. I have been a cardiologist for over a quarter of a century, yet I look forward to seeing my patients every day.

How I thrive

I enjoy USC college football and basketball and Los Angeles Angels professional baseball. My wife and I attend classical and jazz concerts regularly. We enjoy good food, especially seafood and vegetables, and we use little oil and salt in our cooking so that we can savor the delicate taste of the ingredients.