About Me

Hi, I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some information about myself with you. I am very happy to be a practicing physician with Kaiser Permanente, which also provides health care to my own family.


I am the only child of my Mexican-American parents and the first generation of my family to attend college. As a child, I lived in Juarez, Mexico, for the first 12 years of my life and then moved to the neighboring city of El Paso, Texas, where I lived for many years. As I got ready to apply for college, my dream was to attend school in California. I achieved that dream. I completed my undergraduate studies at UCLA with a major in biology. I then became a Trojan when I attended medical school at USC. I’m married to a general surgeon who also works at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County and also was trained at USC. We have a young daughter and hope she follows in our footsteps and becomes a doctor one day. Fight on!

About my practice

I am happy to be a member of a large group of bright ob-gyn physicians, nurse practitioners, and midwives. I practice general obstetrics and gynecology, but I also have the support and help of specialists within my field. Together, we strive to deliver high-quality women’s health care.

How I thrive

I thrive by making a difference in my patients’ lives, by staying close and connected to my family and friends, and by seeing my daughter grow and learn. I love to relieve my stress by exercising at least five times per week, and this sets a great example to my daughter, who is very active and involved in sports. My husband, also a Kaiser Permanente physician, is an accomplished triathlete who has finished several Ironman competitions and is training for another.