About Me

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas, and consider myself a true Jayhawk. After graduating from medical school, I fulfilled my dream of moving to Colorado to practice medicine. The dual attraction of great weather and tall mountains keeps me here as well. I enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. I spend my free time in the mountains with my wife and two girls.

About my practice

Kaiser Permanente attracted me simply because I feel it is the best model for the future of health care. Innovative information technology and team based care will be the cornerstone for health care in the future. I also believe patients actively involved in personal health care decisions will improve their experience with our system.

How I thrive

I continue to run, participating in at least two half marathons each year, and bike to work on "most" days. I am actively involved in our family's "Stinkbug Project" as well as serving on the boards of several non-profit organizations in Denver.