About Me

I welcome the opportunity to build a partnership between my patients and myself. I am dedicated to finding the best means to diagnose, treat, and cure your medical conditions and promote good health for tomorrow. I feel it is a pleasure and an honor to assist my patients in their medical care.


I am a native Californian. While I was growing up in San Francisco, my family benefited from the excellent care we received at Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area. I like to think that my early exposure to that particular medical care setting set the path for my entry into medicine. I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate studies and then the University of Utah School of Medicine. I finished my residency program in Pennsylvania. I returned home to San Francisco, but, willing to trade in the fog for the smog, I relocated to Los Angeles. I am presently raising a large family and we enjoy traveling together and building a lifetime of memories.

About my practice

I am a board-certified urologist and have been practicing adult and pediatric urology in the Los Angeles area since 1977. I have found in my practice that if I encourage a patient to tell me what is wrong and take the extra time to listen, this can better guide me in the diagnostic process and the ensuing treatment plan.

How I thrive

Keeping your life in balance is the key to good physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. I find this balance by spending time in family pursuits. My children are involved in various physical and academic activities and my wife and I are their greatest supporters in these endeavors. I make certain, though, that I have some quiet personal time to myself when I can enjoy reading and catching up with friends and family via the telephone, not e-mail-a voice at the other end of the line is far more reinvigorating for me than receiving an e-mail.