About Me

I was raised in Golden, Colorado, and enjoy living here to raise my own family. I love the outdoor lifestyle offered in Colorado. I especially like running, hiking, and camping in our beautiful state. I went into medicine after first working in the field of child development. I went to medical school and completed my residency in Colorado. I chose to practice family medicine because I truly enjoy interacting with patients of all ages and of varying backgrounds.

About my practice

Family medicine allows me to do a variety of things. I enjoy practicing preventive medicine, but also appreciate that on a daily basis, I get to do a variety of things. As a family medicine physician, I get to care for people of all ages, doing both well and sick care, and additional care including sports medicine and minor procedures. I like to care for all of the members in a family.

How I thrive

I enjoy maintaining good health for myself, and feel it is important in modeling this for my family and patients. I enjoy distance running; this has been a passion of mine since competing in college and then professionally, prior to medical school. I try to stay active, eat healthy, and maintain good spirits in order to lead a balanced life. My favorite pastime is playing with my young daughter.