About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am glad to have this chance to introduce myself and tell you a little about my pediatrics practice. One of the things I appreciate most about Kaiser Permanente is that our team always strives to provide you with provide you with high-quality care in a compassionate manner.


I moved from Chicago to San Diego in 1982, courtesy of the U.S. Naval Medical Corps, and fell in love with the city. My father was a pediatrician on the South Side of Chicago, where I grew up in a large family with eight children. Initially, I was interested in a religious vocation, but after my father died of a heart attack at 44, I chose to pursue a career in medicine. I have enjoyed my practice every day since I started, particularly with the families in which I have seen babies grow and become productive young adults. I have three married children and nine grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with them and especially with my wife. I became a physician to help others and provide a service to society. In the beginning, I never realized how rewarding it would be for me personally.

About my practice

After my residency in pediatrics, I completed a fellowship in adolescent medicine. I have found that the extra training in counseling I received has been very helpful in communicating with families. I have a very supportive and energetic staff at the hospital that are very receptive to the needs of parents Perhaps one of the biggest assets of our facility is the teamwork among the health care providers here. I work as a pediatrician in the hospital, which enables me to see newborns, treat emergency room patients, and care for hospitalized children. I am thrilled to share my practice with my associate physicians, in particular my daughter, who works as a pediatrician in the clinics.

How I thrive

I have always been an advocate of daily exercise, so it is important that I start each day with a walk with my wife. These walks provide not only an hour of aerobic exercise but also a chance to foster our relationship, keeping me grounded and happy. Eating five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day is a difficult habit to have teens embrace, but it is so important to their health. Proper diet and exercise are necessary in maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.