About Me

I was born in Nigeria and raised in a close, loving family of 3 brothers and 4 sisters! Growing up, I learned the importance of positive relationships, caring for others, listening, understanding others, hard work, and sacrifice. I draw from these in all my interactions with others, with the sole aim of having positive encounters.


My desire to help others and my love of life sciences led to a passion for the world of medicine and eventually to becoming a family physician. I am a strong believer in preventive care. I derive tremendous joy in meeting people and building new relationships.

About my practice

My philosophy of care is to relate to, care for and treat members with respect and compassion and as I would a member of my own family. I believe that to partake in the care of members is a sacred trust and a unique privilege that must not be taken lightly. There are many factors that contribute to the overall health of an individual including social support, health care costs, and health care access. Most of all, I believe medical care should be patient centered. I’m passionate about empowering members to take charge of their health, and I believe it is important for them to make their own decisions about their health care and to be invested in their outcomes. I believe in treating the whole person — mind, body, and soul — to create positive outcomes. I feel great to be part of a medical group that encompasses all this and even more!

How I thrive

I usually begin my day with personal devotion. I love to spend quality time with my family. Singing and listening to gospel songs, attending church activities, playing musical instruments, volunteering, cycling, and playing ping pong keep me cool, calm, and collected!