About Me

I was born to a Corvallis High School graduate and Oregon State University student who entered the Air Force upon graduation. My early years were spent moving frequently from base to base with my parents and two sisters. My first jobs were selling gourds that I grew door-to-door while I was in 4-H in Nebraska, and detasseling corn for hybrid farmers in the summers. I went on to Oregon State University and the University of California, San Francisco. I met my husband in graduate school and we started a business in health science communications in San Francisco, and also worked in multimedia and special effects. While in graduate school I was inspired by an exemplary rheumatologist who was the mentor for my graduate thesis. My daughter was born at the Redwood City Kaiser Permanente the Saturday morning between my orientation week and my first week of medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. I completed my internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Neurology and incorporated into a specialty group practice for 10 years with two other neurologists in Santa Cruz, California. I became board certified in Neurology have served as a board examiner for the oral portion of the Neurology board for over a decade. My husband and I then opened a solo practice with my husband as office manager. After four years, my daughter's wedding, and the birth of our first grandson, my husband showed me a postcard from Northwest Permanente recruiting a Neurologist. He said, "Here's your dream job", and I agreed. We closed our practice in 2006 and moved to Portland, Oregon.

About my practice

As a physician, I have the privilege of hearing many life stories and my patients have been my greatest teachers. I am fortunate to have joined an organization that priorities preventative health care, utilizes evidenced based medicine customized to each member's needs and has an advanced electronic medical records system. I work with an outstanding cast of health care providers. I have a Master Herbalist diploma that has helped me appreciate complementary and alternative medicine. I enjoy all aspects of Neurology and approach each person I see with a fresh look at his or her neurological concern. A detailed history and examination continue to be essential to a neurological evaluation despite advanced technology.

How I thrive

My favorite form of exercise is dance. Everyone can move to the tunes of their choice. "Motion is lotion!" Playing a musical instrument is also good for the brain and the soul. Hopefully I will advance to playing someday, beyond practicing. I am dabbling at Celtic harp, fiddle, and cello. My diet recommendations are sticking to the "hunter-gatherer" foods, avoiding sugars and starches, and eating small frequent meals. I try to avoid boxed foods. My family remains my priority, another reason for moving back to the Pacific Northwest. Life is all about change and choices. Enjoy the journey and be happy with the choices you have made.