About Me

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Oregon State University, and a Master of Arts in Medical Illustration and Health Science Communications from University of California, San Francisco. While in graduate school I was inspired by an exemplary rheumatologist, who was the mentor for my graduate thesis. This ultimately led to my career in medicine. I served as a board examiner for the oral portion of the neurology board for over a decade. I was fortunate to become part of Northwest Permanente in 2006, after 14 years of private practice.

About my practice

As a physician, I have the privilege of hearing many life stories, and my patients have been my greatest teachers. I work with an outstanding team of health care providers, and we prioritize preventive health care and utilize evidence-based medicine customized to each member's needs. I enjoy all aspects of neurology and approach each person I see with a fresh look at his or her neurological concerns.

How I thrive

My family remains my priority. My favorite form of exercise is dance, and I believe that playing a musical instrument is good for the brain and the soul. My diet recommendations are sticking to the "hunter-gatherer" foods and avoiding foods with added sugars and refined carbs. Life is all about change and choices. Enjoy the journey, and be happy with the choices you have made.