About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I'm happy to have this chance to tell you about who I am and what I do.


I am a native Californian, having spent most of my life in Central and Southern California. I chose medicine because I felt compelled to use my talents and interests in helping others to reduce illness and live better. I’ve been married since 1985 and we have two daughters—each of whom has an incredible personality and talents of her own.

About my practice

Helping people who struggle with chemical addictions is a team effort. At the Chemical Dependency Recovery Program (CDRP), I’m privileged to work with other physicians, nurses, and therapists who share a passion for helping others live well without addictive chemicals. The process of helping our members is a long one. Our program is designed to assist members for months to years, if necessary. Our team knows that sustained change is maximized when family or significant others are involved. We strongly encourage "supportive others" to participate in our program.

How I thrive

I enjoy inventing and creating. Most of my best efforts have been the result of working with a team. I’ve been a board member at my daughters' school and have taken great satisfaction in helping to develop a special education program on their campus. I enjoy sports of various kinds, and I’d much rather participate than watch. Right now, I cycle, lift weights, run, and play golf and tennis. Staying well is of vital importance to me. Balance is a key concept in my "wellness vocabulary." The dimensions of my life, that I strive to keep balanced and healthy, are those known to most people—mind, body, and spirit. I’m blessed to have my wife as my true confidant, as well as a group of good friends who help keep me accountable.