About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to work as a surgeon at Kaiser Permanente and practice vascular surgery. I am part of a group of five surgeons, who provide care at the Kaiser Permanente Irvine and Anaheim Medical Centers. Working in Orange County is very rewarding and the great weather doesn't hurt one bit!


I was born on the East Coast in Philadelphia but grew up in San Diego. I have had ample opportunity to explore both coasts as I went to medical school in Philadelphia, did my general surgery residency in San Diego, and did my vascular fellowship in Philadelphia. My experience of medicine on both coasts has allowed me to broaden my experiences with medicine and teach me the benefits of learning how to examine a problem from multiple viewpoints. I chose to be a doctor for a number of reasons. Initially my parents thought I would be an engineer as I thrived on fixing electronics by taking them apart and putting them back together. As I grew older I realized that my skills at human interaction would be better applied to helping people. My same thirst to repair that which is not working extends to helping people and allowing them to grow and thrive.

About my practice

Vascular surgery is a demanding and a rewarding practice. I love doing vascular because of the breadth of options available to me, whether medical management, open surgical management, or endovascular (minimally invasive) management.

How I thrive

To rest and recharge, I love being outdoors especially doing anything with water. I find very few things to be as calming as swimming or sitting on my surfboard feeling the waves beneath my feet. Usually when I am not working or doing one of my hobbies I am with my family and friends. I have a rich and rewarding family life and having people that love me really allows me to uphold my happiness and to thrive.