About Me

Welcome to my Web page.


I was born in Japan. During high school, I decided to come to the United States through a foreign exchange student program, staying with American families in California and Utah. Upon graduating from high school, I decided to stay in the United States because of the greater opportunities this country offers.

About my practice

It's very rewarding to be a pediatrician and see my patients maturing from infants to teenagers. Some of them are now adults, have a family of their own, and bring their children to see me. I try to encourage children to talk to me when they come to visit me, so I can understand their concerns and problems from their point of view. I also want them to feel comfortable with me.

How I thrive

I believe it is essential for a physician to stay well physically and mentally in order to care others. I am trying to eat healthily and exercise as much as I can. To keep my mental stress level low, I enjoy playing electric guitar and taking care of my vegetable and fruit garden whenever I can. Also, I enjoy skiing and playing tennis.