About Me

I was born and raised in California before moving to the East Coast for my medical training. Since childhood, I sought a path in medicine and grew to be extremely interested in women's health. It was not until my time in medical school that I realized I wanted to be a surgeon. I remain close with my family, who also live in Portland. I am happy to be part of such a great community!

About my practice

I find great fulfillment in promoting and participating in women's health. To that end I have, over the course of my career, focused on many different breast pathologies and their management, but I enjoy caring for all patients. We can all find ourselves in need of medical care and attention, and I am grateful that I can be part of trying to heal my patients. I am a big believer in open communication and discussion. I encourage my patients to ask questions and want our interaction to be an informative and comfortable one.

How I thrive

I try to take my small Goldendoodle on hikes and out and about as much as possible. I also enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants with friends, not to mention time with family — and rainy nights with a good book.