About Me

The experience of having dual heritages has molded me into what I proudly am today. Growing up in Pakistan and in the United States during different phases of my life gave me the benefit of two cultural systems, which in turn taught me to have a broad perspective on the world — and drives me to achieve the best in life and myself. I volunteered through high school at the local hospital in the west hills of Portland and witnessed basic medical care in refugee camps with minimal resources in Southeast Asia. These, among other experiences, motivated me to pursue medicine as a career. Having the opportunity to help people and make a change in someone’s life elevated a desire to serve the ailing from an interest to a passion. It is what drives me every day to be the best physician I can be.

About my practice

I believe in compassionate, personable, and cost-effective yet quality care. Spending time with the people we are lucky to be caring for is the most valued thing for individuals in this profession. From admission until discharge, it is our duty, as a team of hospitalists, to ensure that the patient and the family witness us at our best. Through what can be a difficult time, it is the extra moments we must take from our day with compassion and empathy that can act as a catalyst, not only toward a patient’s successful recovery but also for continued health, preventing readmission. It is also important we provide high quality care with appropriate use of resources. I take pride in having studied waste in health care — and what we as clinicians can do to prevent this. We are lucky to have so many resources at hand, but it is our duty to provide nondiscriminatory and valuable cost-effective care for the population as a whole.

How I thrive

I am a strong believer in balance in life. It is very important to be happy in all aspects of life, to be able to be the best of yourself. I thrive to achieve this mental balance and happiness by being positive and active at work and home. I enjoy organizing community and work events. I love socializing and spending time with people. I cherish all moments with my family as well as traveling, and hobbies such as photography and video editing. I enjoy hiking on the beautiful Pacific Northwest trails, as well as riding a bicycle. No matter where I am in my life, I intend always to enjoy it to the fullest.