About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. I enjoy my work at Kaiser because of our comprehensive, preventive, and innovative approach to medicine and patient care. I firmly believe we are a caring and compassionate group of physicians who can help you have a healthier and happier life. I look forward to working with you to care for your health needs.


I spent my earlier years in the Bay Area. Following my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, I completed medical school and post-doctorate training in the east coast and mid-west, respectively; then I decided to return to California which I have always considered home. I enjoy interacting and helping patients with issues of well being and medical needs and this is the reason I became a physician.

About my practice

I believe in team work when working on individual patient's emotional or physical health issues. I ask my patients to become a partner in managing their health care, to make a commitment in working with physicians, to have self initiatives in their health matters, to be responsible, and to do the right thing to achieve optimum health condition. I encourage all members to maintain open communication with me regarding health concerns and treatment course.

How I thrive

Everyone needs to have a healthy balance in their life, and this includes proper diet, exercise, relaxation, and activities which allow a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in life. This is the basic strategy and priority I maintain in my daily routine. I also enjoy teaching and playing classical piano, traveling, and exploring various sports.