About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I would like to share with you some aspects about my life and work.


I am a second-generation Korean-American, born to a nurse and a pharmacist/pastor. I graduated UC Irvine with a double major in biology and psychology. Medicine offered me the most flexibility in pursuing my interests and gave me the most opportunity for helping others. I attended medical school in the Chicago area at Midwestern University, where I earned my degree of osteopathic medicine. This degree indicates extra training in how body structure and bones play a major role in overall health. I completed residency in family medicine as an associate chief at the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino County.

About my practice

I care for members of every age. I enjoy doing in-office minor procedures and preventive exams. I practice evidence-based medicine.

How I thrive

My husband and I enjoy simply taking the time to spend with our growing kids. I also take regular breaks to read, participate in church activities, go deep sea fishing, travel, and try my hand at amateur photography.