About Me

Welcome to my Web page! I’m glad to have an opportunity to introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about my practice. Medicine is a team effort, and I feel blessed to be part of a fantastic community of physicians and other allied health professionals.


Though I was born on the East Coast, my parents moved to San Diego, where I grew up and completed high school. I feel fortunate to have completed the entirety of my training in Southern California. After completing residency, I settled in Orange County. My parents were my first inspiration for a career in medicine. They fostered my scientific curiosity, making every effort or sacrifice needed to afford me the opportunity to succeed. My academic journey led me to residency at Kaiser Permanente Orange County, where I served as academic chief resident. Our local residency program offered excellent mentorship and teaching. The medical and surgical specialists I once rotated with are now my trusted and valued colleagues. Most importantly, during this journey I met my wife, who is also a Kaiser Permanente physician.

About my practice

A primary care physician is usually the center of your care team. Using a football comparison, a primary care physician is the quarterback of your team. Some quarterbacks run the ball themselves or play more than one role on the field, and my own practice aims to do that . I enjoy teaching medical students and residents, rounding with our resident inpatient team and serving on various quality improvement committees. There is no “magic pill” — healthy living is a combination of proper eating, stress management, daily exercise, and a sound partnership with your primary care physician for preventive screenings and vaccinations.

How I thrive

Maintaining balance in life is critical. I enjoy spending time with family, sampling the culinary variety of Orange County restaurants, and hiking. If I’m not reading the latest medical journals or studies, you’ll find me reading my favorite author, J. D. Salinger.