About Me

I am a third generation Colorado native with three great kids and two dogs. I left the state for a few years to attend medical school and residency and couldn't wait to return home. The most rewarding part about anesthesiology to me is being able to help others during and after the stress of surgery. My career is extremely fulfilling.

About my practice

I chose anesthesiology as a specialty when I had a labor epidural with my first child. I enjoy many varieties of anesthetics but especially obstetric and regional anesthesia. I appreciate learning about my patients and seek to understand your questions and concerns. I review your electronic medical record to see the big picture, and you can also access it at kp.org to gain a better understanding of your health.

How I thrive

I thrive on medical mission work and have been thrilled to go to Africa multiple times for this work. I also enjoy fitness, the outdoors, cooking, travel, gardening and reading – especially historical fiction. My kids and friends make me laugh and keep me energetic and present to the real joys of life.