About Me

I grew up in south Georgia where my father also practiced radiology. I knew from a young age that I wanted to practice medicine and enjoy the rewards of helping others. I have been an Atlanta resident for over 25 years and consider it my home. While in college, I studied biology and psychology and became interested in the neurosciences. I am also interested in women's health and breast imaging.

About my practice

My capacity as a radiologist to help clinicians diagnose and understand the disease process is a welcome challenge in my career. As a physician consultant, I like my role in guiding the patient's treatment and providing a service for the clinician in delivering the best care for our members.

How I thrive

I am a lifelong tennis player, having played competitively since I was a child and captained my college tennis team. I play regularly on ALTA and overall enjoy the combination of exercise and socializing that tennis offers. I love going on long walks with my family and friends. I relax by spending time with family and friends over a wonderful meal and traveling.