About Me

I was born in California and raised in Texas. Although I first came to Hawaii by chance for a few months, I found the people so wonderful that I returned at the first opportunity to stay permanently.

About my practice

I enjoy the balance of science, personal interaction with patients, and the constant goal to improve that defines medicine. To be able to help someone through a difficult time feels personally fulfilling to me.I was inspired to pursue this specialty after I saw the close bond between my mentor and his patients, and after I too became close to a number of patients with cancer during my medical education. My philosophy of care is simple: The patient comes first. I want to make the patient's goals my own, and to help them attain the longest life with the best quality possible.To connect with my patients, I like to hear about their family, hobbies, vacations, goals and whatever else is important to them. I want to celebrate the victories and also to be there with them during the difficult times. The physicians and staff at the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group have the shared goal of providing the best results for our patients, and I feel honored to work with such an intelligent and caring team.

How I thrive

I like to get outdoors and try new things whenever I can. I enjoy spending time with the people I care about.