About Me

I am from Southern California and have worked for Kaiser Permanente for more than 20 years, both in Los Angeles and in Portland. The Northwest is a wonderful home for our busy young family, including my husband and 5 children. I am both a nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian, with a minor in exercise physiology from the University of California Davis. 

About my practice

My career is devoted to both general cardiology and cardiac surgery, with an emphasis on atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson that "the first wealth is health." My passion lies in helping people navigate acute illness and prevent health problems through lifestyle choices. Heart problems can often be prevented by regular exercise, good nutrition, and health consciousness. Kaiser Permanente offers a very coordinated system of health care, and as a provider, I feel that it is a place where great medical care is possible.

How I thrive

My family cooks together, choosing as many whole foods as possible, sometimes preparing great German dishes handed down by my mother, whose heritage was German. I am a regular volunteer at my children's grade school and enjoy snow skiing, mountain biking, and--being from California--surfing and the ocean.