About Me

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My middle school years were spent in Perth, West Australia, and my high school years in Guam. After living in Tokyo for a few years, I moved to Hawaii and received a degree in Asian studies at the University of Hawaii. When I decided to pursue a medical career, I moved back to the Mainland and attended the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. My father has a PhD in early childhood education and he inspired me to read from an early age—something I still enjoy and employ daily in my professional life. My mother earned her PhD at the University of Hawaii as an East-West Center grantee and has always worked in the health care field. Through her I developed an interest in caring for others and in being civic minded. My husband is an attorney, and his support throughout my training was amazing.

About my practice

I work with a terrific group of pathologists who collectively have an amazing breadth and depth of diagnostic knowledge. Our practice is always centered on providing quick but accurate diagnoses to our colleagues so that they can help their patients navigate the next steps of their care.

How I thrive

Daily morning walks before work with my husband help keep me in balance. We talk about the good things in our lives, and the exercise energizes me and helps me focus on the workday ahead.