About Me

Thank you for visiting my Web page. I am glad you are actively seeking a personal family physician. I hope my background meets your specific health philosophy and goals.


I grew up in Sacramento and went through most of my education and training in Southern California. One of my most memorable accomplishments was volunteering in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa. I went into reverse culture shock when I entered medical school and residency training. This is where I met my wife. With us both being physicians, we decided to settle down in the Inland Empire, in proximity to family, close to the mountains, and not far from the beach. Now our focus is on building our family, which currently consists of our baby daughter, a small dog, and a fat cat.

About my practice

As a family practice provider, I believe the breadth of my practice gives me a unique ability to understand a patient better as a whole. I volunteer my time at a homeless shelter and enjoy teaching residents, delivering babies, and paying home visits. I assist with counseling the underserved teen pregnancy population in our area and occasionally participate as a sideline sports physician at local high school football games. Even though I prescribe medications every day, I strongly believe in preventive health and the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A great deal of my focus during office visits is comprised of counseling and education. At the same time, I understand the value and necessity of modern medicines and surgical intervention. My favorite aspect of my practice is establishing and developing deeper relationships with my patients and their families.

How I thrive

I start my day with praying and spiritual reflection. In addition, I invest time into my family, which in turn gives me constant energy and support throughout my day. I fit in other activities to balance my life, such as traveling, reading, competing in triathlons, and volunteering in the community.