About Me

I was born in Southern California and raised on the East Coast. I moved to Hawaii to be closer to family and because the warm trade wind weather was too good to resist. I also love the islands’ great diversity of people and cultures and am thankful every day that my professional practice is here.

About my practice

My love for science, particularly biology, began at a young age. I have also always had a strong desire to help people. It made sense for me to practice medicine because I could combine the two interests readily and contribute to the well-being of my community. As a child psychiatrist, I enjoy working with children and their families in addition to seeing adults. I love the intellectual challenge involved in my work and cherish making any connection with patients that helps their lives in a positive way. Knowing each day that I have an opportunity to favorably impact my patients’ health, and that of our greater community, is an honor and privilege. I am grateful for the cohesive and collaborative environment that the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group provides. The easy access and communication with my colleagues and I have between each other assures me that my patients receive high quality, coordinated care. Our electronic medical records help me track patient care seamlessly, which allows me to focus on the patient relationship.

How I thrive

I stay balanced mentally and physically by keeping a positive life outlook and exercising regularly. I also love to spend time with family and have several hobbies that keep me quite busy.