About Me

I am just your friendly, neighborhood urologist. I was born in Long Island, N.Y.; however, I have lived in South Florida, Georgia, Italy, France, California and most recently, the Big Island of Hawaii. I identify as an Irish-Italian-Ecuadorean-American and try to stay connected with my cultural roots. I entered medicine driven by a desire to provide care to those in need. I chose urology because it offers a unique blend of surgery and medicine, and I enjoy putting my patients at ease, which is essential to performing my job. I am the father of boy-girl twins, who are the center of my life. My dog, Lamb, is an Australian Shephard mix and is a loving sidekick.

About my practice

I am a member of a team of board certified urologists within the Kaiser Permanente family. We share a common commitment to patient-centered care and work in concert with our nursing staff to provide each member access to high-quality urologic care. I believe that quality of life and achieving life goals is often more important than merely curing a medical condition, and I am committed to tailoring my care to each individual patient. My specific interests in urology include kidney stone management and prevention, management of overactive bladder symptoms, kidney surgery, bladder cancer and the endoscopic treatment of urological disease. While I enjoy practicing my skills as a surgeon, I look for opportunities to avoid surgical intervention when possible and to instead manage conditions medically. Most importantly, I work to prevent urological disease whenever possible.

How I thrive

I seek to model a healthy lifestyle to our members, friends and family, and it is not unusual to see me smile, even after a long day of work. At the center of my life are my two children, and my time with them gives my life focus. I enjoy a love of music, have taught myself the ukulele and I seek opportunities to dance. I am a poet and my favorite poetic form is the haiku. I try to keep my heart young and have continued to maintain my boyhood interest in comic books, sci-fi/fantasy and animation. I find that I have more energy and feel better when I stay fit, so I try to sneak in time at the gym at least three times per week.