About Me

Welcome. My name is Paul Perch. I am a senior surgeon in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.


I grew up in a small town in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Early on, I developed a serious interest in science and medicine through my grandfather who was a urologist. From his example, I learned the value of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. I also saw the impact that one person could have on another simply by caring. I believe this is the foundation for a solid doctor- patient relationship.

About my practice

My practice involves all aspects of cardiovascular surgery, including coronary revascularization, valve repair/replacement, and surgery for arrhythmia. Teamwork is the most vital part of my approach to caring for patients. Every person involved- from the initial preoperative clinic visit, to the operating room team, the intensive care unit, staff, and the discharge planning personnel-plays a significant role in the success of your hospital experience.

How I thrive

I personally believe that our organization's emphasis on thriving is a great way to encourage people to become engaged in physical fitness. I exercise three to five times per week. I try to take advantage of the California weather and terrain to create variable and interesting workouts that range from trail running and mountain biking to surfing and snowboarding.