About Me

Welcome to my Web page, and thank you for taking some time to learn more about me. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2000, and became a partner physician in 2003. I feel very fortunate to be part of this organization.


I was born at Kaiser Permanente, Panorama City, and was hired to work at this same medical center after completing my family medicine residency.

About my practice

To help all my patients thrive, my practice emphasizes preventive care. As a family physician, I appreciate the opportunity to help the entire family unit. I enjoy seeing people of all ages, from birth through the golden years. I find helping teenagers and young adults especially rewarding. I am a culturally sensitive physician, and believe it is important to address both physiologic and psychological factors that affect one's health. In 2007, I decided to work a reduced schedule so that I could find a good balance between my personal and professional life. I now work part time.

How I thrive

I maintain wellness by exercising, eating healthy, finding time to travel, and spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy skiing and playing tennis.