About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am very happy to have the opportunity to tell you about my job and myself.


I practice radiology, which is an important and fascinating specialty. As a diagnostic radiologist based at the San Diego Medical Center, I help my physician colleagues to make diagnoses and treatment decisions by interpreting imaging studies. I completed my radiology residency and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2003. I became the body MRI subsection chief in 2004, MRI section chief in 2007, assistant chief and quality improvement delegate in 2010, and chief of service in 2014.

About my practice

As the chief of service, I am responsible for the professional and administrative activities within the Department of Radiology. Think of me as the coach of over 30 excellent radiologists. I actively promote the value of radiology. My goal is to have the services we provide thought of as the community standard. I believe strongly in providing patient-centric care.

How I thrive

Maintaining balance between work and family is important. My wife and I try to exercise regularly, eat right, and sleep well. We support animal shelters and wildlife conservation. We enjoy reading and, occasionally, fine dining. I play the keyboards and have composed several songs. Our handsome, affectionate cat keeps us happy and relaxed at home.