About Me

Hi, welcome to my Web page. My full name is Injib John Kim. I go by my middle name, John, which should be much easier for everybody to remember.


I was born in Seoul, Korea, and came to the United States when I was 19. I have been working for Kaiser Permanente ever since finishing my training in 1992, the first 10 years in Northern California and the last five here in Southern California. I am married with two children.

About my practice

I initially started out with Kaiser Permanente in 1992 as a primary care physician but became a hospitalist in 1995, which means that my practice is limited to inpatient care. I strongly believe patients' active participation in medical decision-making is essential to the best possible clinical outcome and I strive to provide patients the knowledge basis needed for them to make informed decisions.

How I thrive

I believe food and physical activity are the two most important components of healthy living. In that context, I try to consider food, for the most part, a fuel for my body rather than the object for pleasure. Since I can't find much time for regular exercise, I try to engage myself in as much physical activity in every day life-such as using elevators as little as possible and parking my car farther away.