About Me

I grew up Louisville, Kentucky, spent my undergraduate years at Centre College, a small liberal arts school in Danville, Kentucky, and then earned my medical degree at Saint Louis University. During my time in Saint Louis, I witnessed the rapid technological innovations in the field of urologic surgery. Robotic surgery was in its first stages, and major developments in minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy were revolutionizing urology and improving outcomes for urologic patients. I was excited by the potential in urology and sought out mentors in the field. I completed a five year urology residency at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, receiving broad training in urologic surgery, including intensive experience in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2010 I have felt at home in the Pacific Northwest. My fiancée is a Portland native, an independent filmmaker, and my partner in discovering this great city.

About my practice

My practice includes general urology, urologic cancer, and stones, with a special interest in robotic and laparoscopic surgery. I practice shared decision making with my patients. I strive to counsel my patients about disease processes and the appropriate lifestyle modifications, treatments, and alternatives. This investment pays dividends in that my patients feel educated and empowered to develop the plan of care along with me. Urologic complaints can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing, so I have taken a special effort to develop my communication skills to make it easier for my patients to discuss sensitive issues. My main concern is to make sure that my patient's questions and worries are addressed during the clinic visit. After the visit, I keep lines of communication open and can answer questions online via kp.org or by phone.

How I thrive

Outside of the office, I stay active with strength training and cycling. I have competed in powerlifting in Oregon and Washington. My family supports community agriculture and we buy almost all our animal protein from a sustainable pasture-based producer outside of Portland. I love traveling and enjoying the beauty of our National Parks.