About Me

I have been an Ob/Gyn physician at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County since 2006. My office is located at the Harbor-MacArthur Medical Offices in Santa Ana. I consider it a pleasure and privilege to provide care to my patients and look forward to meeting you. It's very important that you feel comfortable with your personal physician, and I hope this page will help you start to get to know me.


I was born in Andra Pradesh, India. I immigrated to the United States when I was five years old along with my family and grew up in Orange County. I went to UC Irvine for my undergraduate degree in biology, and then attended The Chicago Medical School. I completed my residency in Ob/Gyn in New York, and then had a private practice/faculty position for five years before I joined Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

My career and practice as a physician is a significant part of my life, and it is my goal to make my work meaningful. I value the well being of my patients and strive to connect with my patients and provide the best interaction and care possible. Being a doctor allows people to share with me their innermost secrets, fears, and hopes; it is a privilege to help patients. I feel very honored that patients have entrusted me with their care.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in my life is critical. Working here at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County has allowed me to have the best of both worlds: a fulfilling career doing work which I love, while at the same time having the time to dedicate to my large extended family, my husband, and my sweet children who are my joy. My colleagues are fantastic people that are also the best clinicians that I have ever worked with. I am fortunate to truly enjoy time spent with my colleagues at and outside of work. My goal is healthy mind and body in order to live to live the best life possible.